Saturday, July 30, 2005

Some anti-Microsoft ranting

This is a love-hate story between Microsoft and I. See, like everyone else, I use Microsoft Office and Windows. And I have also been using MSM Passport and Messenger. While I'm still using the former, I have decided to give up on the latter. I'll give up on all Microsoft products when I'll be able to learn how to use Linux or if I decide to switch to Mac OS and other programs. Which could happen sooner than you think! Are you hearing me Bill?? But here is my piece of ranting!

So, here I'm, trying to get a new email address that wouldn't be such a give away about who I'm to everyone finding it on the Net. I thought a new email with Hotmail would be ok. All went pretty well to get my new profile. But things started getting nasty when I tried to cancel my former account. There was simply no links whatsoever to the personnal settings on the main pages! Absolutely no link! The only way to get there is a tiny link under the form to sign in on the MSM passport! When, after more than an hour of desperate research I figured that out, I went to my personnal settings and asked MSM to cancel my previous profile. When I thought I had done it and would have everything clarified, here that suddenly, as I sign in again on Messenger, a window pops up telling that there is a new message in mailbox. When I click on it, appears another window in which I'm congratulated on reserving an account and kindly asked to activate it...Activate it???? Didn't I just told the system I wanted to cancel it? Does this means that once you've created a profile, you can't delete it? Now, my messenger is all messed up, because he never knows with which profile it has to log on MSM. Moreover, I'm also getting confused because I don't know anymore which password I have to use!
Well, I sent an angry message to MSM, but since I'm sure they won't give a damn about it, I have decided to migrate on Yahoo! There I get a 2-Go account and with the same profile, I can log on to the groups I'm a member of. So, I said "Bye bye" to MSM and "Hello" to Yahoo!


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